JONES – to want something you don’t have.  


You want more business, better brand identity, and respect in your community and amongst your industry leaders.

Craving Calmers, Solution Sorcerers, Bottom-Line Boosters, Advertising Gurus or just plain old Marketing Firm.  Call Us Whatever You Want.  At the end of the day, whatever you’re “jonesing” for, we’re the answer.

You don’t want the same, boring advertising as everyone else in your industry.

You want forward thinking, cutting edge work that is DIFFERENT.

You want straight talk, clever ideas, witty writing and an advertising team that is just plain talented.

You want a creative partner who gets who YOU are in every way.

We know.  You want us.

Now we’re going to start the conversations with the right people that will deliver more to your company – more expertise, more hands on work from our partners and let’s be honest, more money added to your bottom line.


Amy Jones


After starting her career as a television news anchor in both small and large markets, Amy Jones left the newsroom and took her vast experience to open The Jones Communications Company, a national strategic communications company that focuses on developing effective marketing and PR strategies for clients throughout the United States. Examples of corporate clientele served include the Green Bay Packers, the NBA Retired Players Association, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, CC's Coffee House, Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel, the Louisiana Supreme Court, Cal-Chlor, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Tulane University and Progressive Waste.  Jones also has a strong political background, having led the communications strategy for several members of Congress,including the initial winning campaigns of Louisiana’s Charles Boustany and John Fleming.  Jones also worked with Boustany during his first term in his government office, seeing the freshman member through Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.  She has also served as the general consultant and communications director for statewide and local races throughout Louisiana.

Specialties: Public Relations, Strategic Marketing, Brand Development, Sales, Crisis Management, Video Production, Social Media Direction



Amy Jones